Romance Movie Review..

Published on Aug 02 2013 // Reviews

Romance (2013) Telugu Movie
Movie Star :: Prince, Dimple, Manasa
Music Director:: Sai Karthik
Directed By:: Darling Swamy
Produced By:: G Srinivas Rao

TA Rating: 2/5

Story : 

1st half :

Movie start  with a opening dialogue  ”Romance cheyadaniki ammayi, Pranam theyadaniki gun unte prapancham gelicheyochu” , Hero Prince is a short film maker , villain gets impressed and calls Prince to give him a director chance , Prince Narrates his Love Story , Prince is a kind of person who flirts girls but he has few policies for a Perfect Girl (Perfect Girl Theory) , he impresses Manasa Love track between manasa and prince starts and few romantics scenes looks childish , but she failed to meet Perfect girl qualities so he breaks up with Manasa , now dimple enters the screen she meets all the qualities of a perfect girl but she refuses Prince this is the interval bang .

2nd half :

Post Interval starts with Dimple’s Flashback , she dont like Prince but she tries to change him about his mentality towards girls ,  the movie is littled dragged with a new twist that Prince’s 1st love is villain’s sister , To convince Dimple Prince enters girls hostel ,  scences @girls hostel are  not convincing the movie is little bored at this point he applies Perfect Girl theory but girls in the hostel test prince beyond his expectations. Maruthi’s style can been seen in this film in lots of aspects , girls in the hostel train Dimple how to seduce boys ,  ’A’ – certificate is required for this movie finally comes to a happy ending he directs the movie with his story in real life.

Final Say:

Maruthi’s team usually banks on Entertaining audience to achieve success but they lost their track in their movie. Comedy scenes in the first half did not work out so much and the second half is a total mishap. Comedy is absent and added to it, most scenes are poorly conceived. Hostel scenes in the second half tests your patience. Finally, Romance is Maruthi’s first failure. You can give it a miss!

 Positives : 

Comedy in few scenes

3 songs and making


Main lead performances

Negatives :

Routine concept

Except lead roles all are not up to mark

Screenplay & Direction

Final word : 

Routine Romance

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