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Published on Apr 26 2013 // Reviews

  • Star Cast     :  VenkateshTapseeSrikanth,Madhurima, M.S.Narayana, Naga Babu, Jaya Prakash Reddy, Dharmavarapu Subramanyam, Mukesh Rishi, Aditya Pancholi, Rao Ramesh, Rahul Dev, Supreeth, Sayaji Shindey and others
  • Director    : Meher Ramesh
  • Producer  : Paruchuri Kireeti
  • Genre          : Action – Romance
  • Music : S. Thaman
  • Released on : April 26, 2013
  • Rating: 1.75/5.0


Raghu Ram (Naga Babu) is an investigative journalist killed by mafia don Nana Bhai (Aditya Pancholi) in front of his son Raja Ram (Venkatesh).  Raja Ram escapes the scene and becomes Shadow to take revenge for his father’s death. How Shadow succeeded in his mission forms the crux of the story.


Venkatesh who tried to be different in looks failed to create any impact. The role is outdated and lacks energy.

Tapsee is just for glamour and there is nothing much to showcase her acting talent. Acting of Srikanth who played the police officer role is stereo type. Madhurima is limited to couple of scenes.

Nagababu  did justice to his five minutes role. Geetha is adequate in mother role.

All the villains Aditya Pancholi , Rahul Dev, Supreeth, Sayaji Shindey and Negineedu etc are routine. Rajesh, Srinivas Reddy, Kishore, Subba Raju, Uttej and many others fill the screen with no real purpose. No one has got a role with substance including protagonist and antagonist. M S Narayana is real relief in the film.


Director Meher Ramesh chose an outdated script to make a stylish action entertainer. However, everything goes haywire with his immature screenplay. Director didn’t conceive a single scene with a purpose.

Cinematography is the only saving aspect in the movie. Choreography and action are average and not enough if you are projecting this movie as out and out action entertainer. Music by S S Thaman is cacophonous and rerecording is pretty ordinary.

Production values are good and spent quite a lot of money in shooting most of the film in foreign locales.

Plus Points


Minus Points

Every thing


Meher Ramesh should be appreciated for convincing Venkatesh with this rotten script. Director simply wasted real after real without much substance wise.  Director ran out of ideas even borrowed antakshari scene from Gabbar Singh, Chanti character from Chanti to progress the movie. Venkatesh looked odd in as Chanti who suffers memory loss because of the accident. Unfortunately, all his attempts failed to yield any good results for the film. The movie runs on predictable note from opening scene to climax. Director didn’t etch any of the character in the movie well. There are one too many characters with no real purpose to the movie progress.

Finally, Shadow will become one of the worst flops in Venkatesh career. After this movie Mehar Ramesh needs to re access his directional skills.  No one could save this ‘Shadow’ from disaster even the likes of Pawan Kalyan, Mahesh Babu, NTR and Ram Charan. Strictly avoid ‘Shadow’ even if you need to sit idle and bite your nails!

Final Talk

Madhu Babu novel hero Shadow is way better than Mehar Ramesh Shadow


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