Ramayya Vastavayya Movie Review

Published on Oct 12 2013 // Reviews

  • Film : Ramayya Vastavayya
  • Producer : Dil Raju
  • Director : Harish Shankar
  • Star Cast : Jr. NTR, Samantha, Shruthi Hassan…
  • Music Director : S. Thaman
  • Rating :
    He is here. Many days of teasing us with ‘He is coming’ later, Ramayya Vasthavayya has arrived. Braving the odds of political agitations, imminent cyclone and long drawn power cuts, Jr NTR came out with a youthful entertainer with the help of director Harish Shankar. Producer Dil Raju’s decision to go ahead with the release has paid off with laughter and cheer at the theaters. Earning NTR a lot of new female fans, Ramayya Vasthavayya has portrayed him in a never before seen avatar. Starring Samantha in the lead role and Shruti Hassan as a special appearance, Ramayya Vastavayya 
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    NTR’s entry is as good as they said it would be. Depicting a long lost character from the past, he carries a ‘gadha’ as his shoots his witty dialogues. He soon gets into stylish fights with goons that rub him the wrong way. In a while, enters Samantha, like a floating angel into NTR’s life. He woos her with all he’s got, which includes his toned good looks. Much effort later, she falls for him too.

    But, our hero has a past. He was in love with Shruti Hassan, who loved him too. Twists and turns lead to NTR using his fighting skills to the maximum. Ravi Shankar is the villain of all villains for this hero. At the end, the main protagonist has to defeat his enemies.

    Analysis :
    Jr NTR has carried Ramayya Vasthavayya on his shoulders with style. The film is filled with funny dialogues and amazing comedy scenes. Youthful is one word that describes the first half best. Romance, beautiful locales, great music, gripping background score, all of these work very well to set the pace of NTR’s performance.

    Romantic scenes are a major plus for this movie with Samantha sulking and smiling with equal cuteness. The breezy first half soon makes way for the violent second half, which is filled with angry fighting and needless bloodshed. Emotions run maddeningly high as the film draws to a close. The second half offers plenty of sentiment and revenge for the masses.

    Though there is not much of a story, the presentation is what ultimately matters. He makes you laugh and soon makes you cringe too. Harish Shankar kept the image of NTR very much in mind when he came up with this film. The actor gets a well deserved comparison to the late Senior NTR and this is grabs everyone with it’s magic.

    Performance :
    NTR does not want to be called ‘buddodu’. He continues with these strong punches, both from his mouth and with his hands. A true blockbuster has been eluding this talented actor and Ramayya Vasthavayya can fill that gap. The film truly works because of his stylish romance and action alike. He makes most of the jokes and throws most of the punches.

    Samantha is pretty as ever, lending her charm to the romantic angle. With the help of Thaman’s songs, she and NTR has managed to create a warm feeling in the viewer’s hearts. Shruti Hassan too looks wonderful, particularly in the deep and meaningful songs. Combined with good performances, the styling of the film stands out for making the actors weave a spell.

    The bad guys have done their part well. If you’re a fan of action scenes, there’s a lot of it in Ramayya Vasthavayya. Overall, the film is partly a breezy entertainer that the families can safely watch and partly a blood shedding action extravaganza that should be allowed in only while your judgment is alert.

    Final Word: Ramayya Vastavayya Movie Review is created to suit all types of audiences, be the whistling masses or the thinking audience. A paisa vasool entertainer that can make you forget the outside world for a few hours.

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