Congress Party is Divided Much Before the State!

Published on Oct 21 2013 // Featured, Political News

Much before the process of division of the State, the ruling Congress party is divided in to two.  Telangana Congress and Seemandhra Congress party.  Although high command is the same, sometime ago the Telangana Congress party leaders were hit by the dodging tactics on the issue of Telangana State by the Center.  After its decision to bifurcate the State and fast developments towards the formation of Telangana State, the Seemandhra leaders started facing the same problem that were faced by the Telangana leaders earlier.  But fortunate to the Seemandhra leaders, they do not have an opposition like TRS in Telangana.  At the same time the Seemandhra leaders had the wrath of the Seemandhra people which was not that strong in case of Telangana leaders.

In spite of working under the same high command, as per the changed situation, the thinking, the targets and the way of functioning became different between Telangana and Seemandhra leaders.  Now the Telangana Congress if not confident of winning Telangana region totally at least is able to meet and talk in public.  Before that the threat was felt deep by them as TRS leaders warned that the people of Telangana would not allow them to enter their constituencies.  At one time they revolted against the high command and later the roles were switched with Seemandhra leaders of the Congress party who had to threat and tender resignations.

Now, not only the leaders of the Congress party of the two regions became apart but also started commenting on the ways of each other.

Seemandhra leaders are demanding Hyderabad to be made UT as an alternative to stop bifurcation of the State.  Union Ministers M.Pallam Raju, Kotla Surya Prakasha Reddy, J.D.Sheelam and Panabaka Lakshmi have been meeting GoM to ask for a UT status for Hyderabad in case the decision on the bifurcation cannot be withdrawn.

For the latest demand of Seemandhra leaders, the Telangana Congress leaders commented that it is only a face saving tactics of the Seemandhra leaders as they are not able to face the people elected them and now they can say that they are fighting for the UT status of Hyderabad.  But the GoM has already came to a conclusion to recommend the Cabinet that the law and order should be in the hands of the Center till the end of the 10 years time offered for the Hyderabad to be used as a common Capital for both the States.

Meanwhile it has come to the surface that the GoM is given a deadline to submit its report by 5th November which means the Telangana and Seemandhra leaders have got only a short time to represent and put forward their suggestions.  And also much shorter time to Telangana leaders to decide who among them will be leading in the State which poses a delicate issue to be tackled.

More damaging to the party will be that the leaders that are not given the opportunity will not only get disappointed but also will develop ill feelings towards the party and may work against the interests of the party.

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