Asin Marriage after 7years

Published on Dec 21 2012 // Featured, Movie News

There is news in Mumbai that Asin has fallen in love with an industrialist and she is going to get married soon. It has also been mentioned that the parents of both of them have also agreed for this marriage.This news was telecast in one of the Hindi TV channel. Asin hearing this news became very furious. She immediately convened a press meet in Mumbai. She in the press meet said, “There are news that I am going to get married soon. This is sheer foolishness.  Someone who is not interested in my growth has started spreading such rubbish rumours. I am aged 27 years. I don’t want to spoil my life my getting married at this young age and bear children. I have to achieve a lot in cinema. I have got the aim to get lots of awards. I also want to get the National Award for best acting. My concentration is fully on this. I will think about my marriage only if these are fulfilled. I will continue to act in films for seven more years. Only after this I will get married. I will quit acting after my marriage.”

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