Is KCR the next target for CBI?

Published on May 01 2013 // Featured, Political News

An interesting story just spreads into media circles reporting TRS president KCR & Co will be the next target for CBI, ED and Income Tax departments as the Congress high command wants to nab this group which is posing a big threat to it in Telangana region in the forth coming elections. Hence, reports say that Congress plans to fix KCR & Co before it is too late for it. According to reports, these departments have done some ground work and have gathered some important information about KCR and his family members’ assets and their investments made in several areas. So far, they have shortlist their investments in media, real estate, ports and ships in Gujarat state, mining businesses in Srikakulam district etc to name few. They are also going through their actual assets and tallying with the IT returns submitted by them. If, he and his team do not fall in line with Congress party, then it may nods for his round-up by these departments. According to reports, KCR, who also sniffed something fishy has encouraged T-JAC leaders to land at New Delhi on Samsad Yatra, with which he gave a message to Congress high command that if it plays any such tricks he will restart his agitations afresh.

Even though, this report is considered as mere guess work of his rivals, if one sees how the Congress party makes its rivals fall in line by using CBI and other departments, one can’t simply rule out this report. Let the time reveal the truth.

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