Tapsee sahasam with would-be

Published on Jul 31 2013 // Movie News

Beautiful actress Tapsee is a free soul. She is a bird that cannot be tied down for long. Supporting that temperament, her recent comments are taking Telugu people by storm.

Tapsee has expressed that she does not believe in the institution of marriage. She is apparently not ready to be with someone for her whole life. However, all is not lost in her personal life. She revealed that she is willing to have a live-in relationship before thinking about a permanent commitment.

“I may first enter into a live-in relationship and then take a decision after two or three years” she was quoted as saying.

But, this is not something she has decided to do immediately. She went on the say that she will not do anything against her parents’ wishes and does not like to bring insults to her family. Tapsee sure likes being single

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