Sonia: No going back on Telangana

Published on Aug 06 2013 // Featured, Political News

New Delhi, Aug 6: Congress president and UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi reiterated that a decision on Telangana was already taken and there would be no going back.

A delegation of Kurnool leaders met Sonia Gandhi under the leadership of the union minister Kotla Surya Prakasha Reddy on Tuesday and urged her to reconsider the decision to divide the state. Sonia Gandhi told them that a decision was already taken and it would not be possible to retract now.

She also assured the delegation that the party leadership was ready to hear all their problems and redress them. She said each problem represented by the Seemandhra people would be considered by the high powered committee headed by the union minister A K Antony.

Kotla told the media later that they gave the Congress leadership three options, the first being keeping the state united. He said they asked for division of the state into three parts, creating the Rayalaseema state also, should Telangana be created. They also told her that they were willing to accept the Rayala Telangana proposal also.

Kotla said he had explained the water sharing and other problems that would arise due to division. Sonia Gandhi asked him to place all the problems before the Antony committee

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