Bharati shouts at CBI DIG

Published on Apr 30 2013 // Featured, Political News
New Delhi : Bharati Reddy, wife of the jailed YSR Congress chief Y S Jaganmohan Reddy not only stunned the CBI authorities, but also their own lawyers when she lost her temper in the court room on Monday.

 Bharati who was present in the Supreme Court when his bail petition came up for hearing and lost her temper when she saw the CBI DIG Venkatesh.

Asking him why they were keeping Jagan in jail for so long, she asked him “have you no children?”

It is learnt that DIG Venkatesh told her with a smile on his face that she should not talk loudly in a court room. Telling her that they were doing everything as per law, Venkatesh advised her to have faith on the courts, if she does not trust the CBI.

This emotional outburst of Bharati had even stunned Jagan’s lawyers. They reportedly led her out of the court room, saying that it was improper to talk directly to the investigating officer. They also told her that asking the CBI officer about children would amount to threat and can be used as evidence to further block Jagan’s bail efforts.

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