Saif Ali Khan turns prankster on Cocktail sets

Published on Jun 20 2012 // Movie News

A Bollywood film without pranks on the sets of the movie is just a little difficult to believe. A movie which has a stylish, witty and smart actor like Saif Ali Khan, one can definitely imagine loads and loads of mischief. The actor was on a spree of playing pranks on the sets of Cocktail.

In the middle of every shot Saif got to his mischievous best by passing his time chatting with fans on Cocktail‘s official Blackberry. Saif was chatting for sure, but as we all know there is always a twist in the tale with this clever superstar. He never chatted as “The Saif Ali Khan” but as his co – stars Deepika Padukone and Diana Penty. Such a talented prankster that no one could guess, that it was Saif and not the actresses.

Saif Ali Khan kept chatting and laughing to himself, until a true Cocktail fan asked him a tricky question, which he could not answer and finally he was caught. When he was caught he promised the fan that he would never chat on behalf of the two actresses, but instead the next time when he comes on Blackberry chat he would chat as himself!!

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