Is Autonagar Surya gone forever?

Published on Apr 30 2013 // Movie News

Autonagar Surya’s problems are going on with no solution visible in the near future. Neither producers nor Nagarjuna are taking care of Autonagar Surya? Though Nag tried to save this cinema earlier, he stopped that efforts now. Producers don’t want to invest further money in this film and lose. Same is Nag’s situation. He had helped RR Movie makers financially for the release of Dhamarukam movie. He is not ready to help them even in Autonagar Surya’s case. Nag said seriously, “I will take care of Thadaka and Manam movies. If necessary I myself will make a movie with Chaitanya but will not think about Autonagar Surya.” If father himself abandons son’s movie, will others take care of it?

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