SVSC Story Leaked!

Published on Dec 31 2012 // Featured, Movie News

1ST HALF: SVSC Movie Review !! Story : The story beings with Prakash Raj family, He has asister who get married to Ahuthi Prasad. As usual he tends to be a bad natured guy and Prakash Raj’s sister will die. She has a daughter Anjali (seetha) whois broughtup by Prakash raj along with his sons Venkatesh(peddo du)& Mahesh(chinnodu ). Samantha is Ahuthi Prasads brother’s daughter , she falls in love with Mahesh, which turns into fight between brothers and Prakash Raj will die by interval.

2ND HALF : Later story revolves around brothers ,the other side people bring differences between brothers , Venkatesh &Mahesh gets separated. Howthese brothers come together ? and their boundings …forms the story. SVSC Songs Order 1st Half – Em Chedham, Aaraduguluntada  , Meghallo 2nd Half – Inka Cheppale, Mari Anthaga, Vana Chilukulu, Title Song Analysis SVSC tends to be a heavy dose sentiment drama with less entertainment. Songs are really good, Emotions

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