Step mother files another petition against Anjali in Madras family court

Published on Jul 17 2013 // Movie News

Tollywood beauty Anjali’s case has taken a new twist today. Her aunt Bharatidevi has filed a petition in Madras high court appealing the court to order Anjali to pay Rs.50,000 for her family maintenance. In her petition, she claims that she is the one, who introduced Anjali to film industry and built her career. So, she has right to demand maintenance from Anjali. The court adjourned her petition to 14th August.

With this latest development, it has been proved that Anjali’s allegations against her aunt Bharatidevi are true. Anjali, who flees away from home three months ago, has accused that her aunt Bharatidevi was harassing her for money and robbed all her hard earned money. Then, Bharatidevi has denied her allegations and told the media that she doesn’t want a single NP of Anjali, but what she is worried is about her health. Bharatidevi told the media that she has purchased a flat for Anjali and deposited few lakhs of rupees in her savings account. She tried to project Anjali as mentally ill patient, who is on medication and needs to be taken care. But, her petition in court reveals that she is greedy and eyeing the actress money. Anjali not yet responds on her petition.

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