Hamsa Nandini’s Boldness

Published on Nov 01 2013 // Movie News

Hamsa Nandini who remembers her Telugu film “Anumanaspadam” under the direction of Vamsi released in 2007 which gave her recognition though her debut movie was “Okatavudam” in 2004 in which she played insignificant role.  She so far signed 14 films out of which two are in making.

Number looks nice but if she looks back the memory of the role of Devika in Anumanaspadam is still fresh in her mind which means she is not satisfied with other roles in the subsequent films after 2007.

Glamour and curvaceous figure no doubt is an asset to get instant offers for actresses but an image made is very hard to replace with other. That is what bothers Hamsa Nandini. She has been appearing in small roles and in dance sequences. It made her to be remembered only for those roles by the Directors.

Hamsa admits her mistake in her lack of proper planning in shaping her career.  She allowed the industry to brand her as a sex siren and item gal.  But as the inner artist rebels for it makes her say that it was a mistake as she wants good roles to perform.  Her further statement proves that she means it!  She said that she is ready for art films too!

First of all admitting a mistake needs courage and secondly it is a bold statement from an actress with nature gifted beauty not to cash on that but to show her acting talent and also prepared to accept roles in art films.

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